Lebanon in the grip of ’Lebanese-Iranian security regime’, supervised by Hezbollah!


(photo caption: billboard raised in the shiite village of Brital in Hermel accusing Hezbollah of a series of killings)



« The silence of the nation’s representatives in the face of Hezbollah’s threats to the judge investigating the port of Beirut explosion that destroyed half of the city of Beirut is almost equivalent, in its horror, to the crime of the bombing itself », said  the « Likaa Saydet al-Jabal », an offshoot of the historical March 14 forces and an active national and multi-confessional front, in its October 4 communiqué.



Adding that:  « While members of the United States Senate denounced the threats made by Hezbollah’s Security chief, Wafiq Safa, at the “Palace of Justice” itself, accusing “Hezbollah” of obstructing the investigation, Lebanese MPs fell into a deep silence ».

The « Likaa » goes further to reprimand Lebanon’s Members of Parliament saying: « Your passivity is a scandal for which you will be held accountable sooner or later, and your behavior confirms either your attachment to narrow interests, or your failure to perform the task for which you were elected. It is your duty, along with the executive authority, to confront the attacks on the judiciary .

« The souls of the victims cry out demanding justice and truth, along with the wounded, the bereaved families, and all the citizens and friends of Lebanon in the world. Except for the Members of Parliament who preferred the role of a silent Sphinx: “Saw nothing, heard nothing, said nothing”.

« Meanwhile, the General Security Service has prevented the performance of a play in Beirut, the capital of liberties in the Levant, because of its criticism of the President of the Republic and his surrounding political class. This is an incident that, together with many similar previous incidents, effectively puts Lebanon on a course of falling into the grip of a ’Lebanese-Iranian security regime’, under the supervision of Hezbollah ».

Once more, the “Likaa” stresses the importance of the unity of the Lebanese in order to get rid of the Iranian occupation of Lebanon-  starting with the resignation of the President of the Republic.

Confronting the President and not confronting the occupation is a mistake.

Opposing the occupation but not the President is also a mistake.


Read original communiqué in Arabic:

 لبنان في قبضة النظام الأمني اللبناني-الإيراني


Il Libano nella morsa del regime securitario libano-iraniano


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