We declare our inability to continue living with Hezbollah


Hezbollah faced justice twice, and twice rejected it!


First in 2005, when it rejected the International Tribunal to investigate the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and others, martyrs of the independence uprising.

And, for the second time, recently, when it rejected the Lebanese court charged with investigating the Crime of the Century, as the explosion of the Port of Beirut on August 4, 2020 is called.

The multi-confessional Oppositon front, “Likaa Saydet el Jabal”,  sees in this double rejection of both international and national justice a rejection of international and Lebanese laws and Constitution. This rejection reflects Hezbollah’s conviction that it is above accountability and above all other Lebanese. As such, Hezbollah adopts the system of «Street Justice» that inaugurated the regime of “Wilayat Al-Faqih” in Iran.

In the face of this bitter reality, the “Likaa” emphasizes the following:

*We declare our adherence to coexistence and the necessity of implementing the Constitution, Taif Accords and the U.N. Security Council  Resolutions 1559,1680 and 1701.

We also declare our inability to continue living with “Hezbollah” or to tolerate its participation in official institutions, as long as its loyalty is to the regime of Iran, and as long as it is not equal to us before the law.

Coexistence is not feasible without two conditions: the condition of Justice and the condition of Freedom.

*The Lebanese Civil War has taught us that the strength of each group, sect, or party is limited by that of the other group.

There is no need for political parties or organizations to mobilize people to resist armed aggression, for people are spontaneously ready to resist when their homes, livelihoods, and honor are threatened.

*Yesterday, Hezbollah MP Muhammad Raad expressed anger at our bringing into the Opposition literature the slogan:
 Lift the Iranian occupation of Lebanon!

We tell MP Muhammad Raad that he should expect more. Our peaceful civil resistance against the Iranian occupation will increase day by day, through the adherence of all Lebanese to this slogan.

This is because getting rid of the occupation is not the responsibility of a group, sect or party, but rather the responsibility of all, Muslims and Christians alike.

*The “Likaa” calls on judge Suhail Aboud, President of the Supreme Judicial Council, to uphold the independence of the Judiciary, for any violation of the ongoing investigation into the explosion of the Port of Beirut shall be deemed a victory for Hezbollah.

*The «Likaa» is working, and will continue to work, to rally the Lebanese around the slogan of « lifting the Iranian occupation of Lebanon ».

 For the current situation has gone far beyond parliamentary elections. The issue now is whether we shall remain a free Lebanese people.

We shall persist until the fall of Hezbollah’s « state within the state », and the re-establishment of the constitutional Lebanese Republic.

*The “Likaa” considers that President Aoun’s mismanagement of the Cabinet session last Wednesday led to the Thursday incident at Tayouneh, and the President bears a part of the responsibility for the blood that was shed.

*Finally, while the “Likaa” regrets the casualties of that incident whose blood, unfortunately, is being invested in the Iranian axis project, it salutes the steadfastness of the Ain al-Rummaneh neighborhood and of other Lebanese regions that have persevered in the defense of Lebanon.

We are with you, we are at your side.

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