How Not to Repeat My History with the Taliban


To avoid the worst outcomes, Washington needs to assiduously enforce any deals with the new Afghan leadership, cooperate effectively with other world powers, and explain to a domestic audience how the withdrawal will facilitate a focus on different priorities.

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Pierre Akel
Pierre Akel
1 year ago

Like many readers, I had to notice the « blind spot » in David Pollock’s excellent analysis (but, also, in U.S. policy in general-Republican and Democrat alike) regarding the the Northern Alliance before 9/11 and now. Not once was the Panjshir valley opposition to the Taliban mentioned in David Pollock’s article. Which reminds me of what the same Abdullah Abdullah told me, a few weeks belore 9/11: « we are not certain that the Americans are seriously after Ben Laden », adding that « they refused to give us any help »! By the way, French official policy in the few weeks before 9/11 were identical… Read more »

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