‏ Protests expected in Libya‪’‬s capital against Qatari ‪”‬arrogance‪”,‬ support of pro ‪”al-‬Qaida‪”‬ group


Metransparent Exclusive

‏The emirate of Qatar seems to have overplayed its hand in Libya‪.‬

Metransparent sources in Tripoli talk of anti Qatari demonstrations scheduled for today ‪(‬monday‪),‬ or tomorrow‪,‬ to protest the “arrogance” of Qatari envoys and their meddling in Libyan affairs‪.‬

‏The anti Qatari sentiment stems‪,‬ also‪,‬ from Qatar‪’‬s open support of
‏Abdul Hakim Belhaj‪,‬ the ‪”‬emir‪”‬ of Liby‪a’s Islamic Fighting Group and, presently, self appointed military governor of Tripoli.‬

‏‪In a recent incident which took place on sunday, september 11, Qatar’s chief of Staff, general Attiyah, “stormed” a security meeting headed by Libya’s head of the National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, and by the head of the Executive Bureau (government), Mahmoud Jibril. The Qatari envoy and the ex al-Qaida memberAbdul Hakim Belhaj “just walked in, uninvited”, according to sources.

َAbdul Jalil and Jibril were furious at the “unbearable arrogance” of the Qatari general who behaves “as if Libya were a Qatari colony”! ‬

‏‪Five minutes later, the two men left the meeting and, accompanied by armed men, broke into Libya’s ministry of foreign affairs, forced open the doors of the minstry’s safes and took away “documents” which the Qataris seemed adamant to seize for reason unknown!‬ (Until February 2011, Qatar and Qaddafi had been close friends and allies).

‏‪Organised pillage campaign‬

‏‪Metransparent sources mentioned an organised pillage campaign presently taking place in Tripoli. The equivalent of 100 million libyan dinars (80 million dollars) have been seized from the houses of Qaddafi officials and of absent libyan businessen.

Far from attributing it to the chaos ensuing after the fall of the Qaddafi regime, our sources speak of an organized campaign to procure funds for the future political needs of Libya’s Islamic Fighting Group, considered Qatar’s main asset in Libya.‬

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