Its « proxies » reinvigorated :  Iran « very bad » provisional nuclear deal within days!


 Accord not to cover Iran’s distabilization actions, atomic bomb “weaponization” and nuclear-capable missiles!



 METransparent Exclusive

 Reliable European sources told METransparent that a new « provisional » nuclear agreement with Iran will be signed in Vienna within days.


Sources revealed that the Iranians did not agree to destroy their « advanced » centrifuges.  Iran  also succeeded in « reducing » the IAEA monitoring of their facilities!

 The deal would allow Iran to resell its oil and would lift some (but not all) sanctions, perhaps gradually.

 Sources emphasized that the resumption of oil sales does not preclude Iran from refinancing  Hezbollah and other « proxies » in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and elsewhere.  It is noteworthy, here, that European sources had confirmed, months back, that Iran would agree to the signing of “secret annexes” pertaining to the “dismantling” of its main agent in the region, “Hezbollah”, plus its other “proxies”! 

 What happens to the large quantities of highly enriched uranium that Iran now possesses?

Sources believe that two solutions will be adopted:  « dilution » and sending a portion of the enriched uranium to Russia, as was the case in the 2015 accord.

However, a Russian invasion of Ukraine would be bad for Iran as it could complicate the Russian part of the solution.

 While the new accord does not deal with Iran’s destabilization activities in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and the Gulf, it seems, also, not to cover the activities pertaining to the development of an atomic bomb which Europeans, Americans and Israelis know are still continuing in »“undeclared sites » in Iran.

 Nor does the new agreement cover the so-called “weaponisation” of the atomic bomb that Iran could have the ability to produce within a short period:  developing missiles capable of delivering the bomb on the one hand and, perhaps most important, developing « detonators » for an atomic bomb.  It is believed that Iran has made “a huge progress” in this last field!

 Was Khamenei’s speech last week « vowing »that Iran does not seek to produce atomic weapons an « assurance » requested by Iran’s « partners » ?  « Perhaps », irrespective of the credibility of such assurances!

Arabs and Israelis seem to the losers in this new accord, sources say!  Recalling that they had, already, expected the Middle East to « implode » after the “bad deal” signed in 2015- as actually happened.

The “ambiguity” about the “the atomic bomb weaponizing” may serve Israel, which will not be able to strike at the « declared enrichment facilities », except that nothing (in theory) prevents  striking at « undeclared » Iranian nuclear sites!  On the other hand, Arabs cannot do much against the billions that Iran will allocate from its oil revenues, to its “proxies”! 

Why did the U.S. and Europe  agree to such a “very bad” accord? sources explained that President Biden had pledged to reverse President Trump’s decisions on the nuclear deal.

No regime change « headache »!

 More importantly, it was claimed, last year, that the Biden administration had received internal evaluations  concluding that the U.S. might be capable of « bringing down the Iranian regime, now”!  If it wanted to!

Obviously, that was contrary to claims by many U.S. « analysts » about “Iran’s steadfastness in the face of the maximum US sanctions »!  On the contrary, a document (in Persian) was leaked a month ago, in which Iran’s Revolutionary Public Prosecutor, called for “restricting social networks” or even cutting them completely, if no agreement is reached in Vienna!  Iranian authorities, clearly, fear an explosion of popular resentment if the last “window of hope” represented by the Vienna negotiations is closed.

Anyway, European sources add that a project of « regime » change, which will inevitably “destabilize the Middle East”, is not on President Biden’s agenda!

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