Hezbollah is an occupation force, we call on parliamentary blocs to confront it



October 17, 2022


Saydet El Jabal Gathering held its weekly meeting and issued the following statement:


Now that both Lebanon and Israel have declared their approval of the US mediated maritime border demarcation, Hezbollah is presenting itself as the guarantor of the implementation of the agreement by force of arms, in the absence of guarantees given by the Lebanese State, as if the latter was a secondary party in charge of the formal arrangements of the agreement.

Saydet El Jabal refuses the reality of the occupation, and therefore demands the discussion of the agreement in Parliament that represents the first constitutional pillar in the representation of the Lebanese. It is Parliament’s duty to review the agreement and to discuss it, otherwise it will lose its raison d’être.

The demarcation of the maritime borders with Israel is part of a whole. Considering it sufficient in itself is a flagrant negligence of the State’s sovereignty and rights. The Gathering therefore calls for the demarcation of the land borders with Israel, and the maritime and land borders with Syria starting with Chebaa Farms.

In conclusion, Saydet El Jabal Gathering stresses the need to elect a new President and form a new Government as per the Constitution and the Taef agreement, as this is the only guarantee for the implementation of the agreement so that it becomes a national achievement rather than the achievement of a specific party or a sectarian community.


Dear Lebanese citizens,

Hezbollah is undermining Lebanon’s democracy life by refusing the presidential elections on the basis of a contest between candidates but rather talking about prior “agreement”.

In this regard, is there an agreement on Hezbollah weapons? Is there an agreement on the wars that are conducted by Hezbollah outside Lebanon? Is there an agreement on Iran providing Hezbollah with rockets and weapons?

Hezbollah is an occupation force and we call on parliamentary blocs to confront it.


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