Hamas is not Arab, so-called Resistance is not Arab!


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#Hamas is not Arab.

#Resistance is not Arab. Rather, it is Islamo-political and subservient to foreign ambitions.



The so-called Resistance is part of Islamic and terrorist movements and organizations that distorted the mind and spirit of the Arab person and killed his civilization.

The ugliest thing they did during the past decades was the persecution and expulsion of Arab Christians from Arab countries, until more than 80% of them were displaced from their countries, and only a very shameful small percentage remained.

Why do we not hear mourning and wailing for our Christian brothers who are displaced from their homelands? Why don’t we hear calls for their return to live among us?

Because minds have been washed through the one definition of the Arab as necessarily Islamo-political.

The same Islamic currents destroyed Arab beauty when they broke the taboos of blood, honor and security in the Black 2011 movements.


The resistance is not Arab.

That was the case in the past during the Ottoman, British or French occupations, when the Arab, regardless of his religion, rallied around his Arabism and his land to stand up to colonialism.

After the rise of Islamic movements, the resistance turned into Islamic.

If you thought naively (some minds do forget) to sympathize with them and believe their lies, you will soon discover their shameless and traitorous loyalty to Iran, and the evidence is #Gaza.

(Remove the Israeli occupier so that we can hand over the land to the Iranian colonizer) as they did in several Arab countries.

Which honorable citizen who would accept such a destiny?



حماس ليست عربية، المقاومة ليست عربية


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