Ayatollah Khalaji, father of Mehdi Khalaji, Transferred to Evin Prison in Tehran


Officials of the Special Court of Clerics in Tehran have transferred Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Khalaji to solitary confinement in Evin Prison, where he is being interrogated. The Special Court informed Ayatollah Khalaji’s family not to expect any contact with him until the interrogation is over; no timetable was provided. In addition, it is now known that Iranian intelligence agents raided the ayatollah’s daughter’s house three nights after his arrest, confiscating personal documents and warning the family that they too will be arrested if they contact the media outside Iran.

Mehdi Khalaji, Washington Institute Iran expert and son of Ayatollah Khalaji, would like to thank all well-wishers for their expressions of support and continues to request that all governments, international agencies, and nongovernmental organizations take up the case of Ayatollah Khalaji with the Iranian authorities as quickly and urgently as possible.

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