Wednesday… has it gone up yet?


It’s almost Wednesday, and every Lebanese citizen has started to really hate this day.

On Wednesdays fuel prices go upwards…every Wednesday… no mercy.

The gas prices have reached ridiculous heights… yes fuel prices all over the world are skyrocketing, but doesn’t anyone find it weird that as soon as the barrel price goes up, the gas prices go up? Is the Ministry of Energy really buying fuel in this ridiculously high price?

The citizen should really start to think about other forms of transportation.

Maybe traffic by then will become more tolerable.

What about the talks about Lebanon having natural gas?

There are many projects waiting for approval, but maybe what is asked for is other countries to help Lebanon in its fuel and electricity crisis… like Iran for example which has stated more than once that it will gladly help Lebanon in this issue and will assure that no house or corner will be left unlit…But at what price?

* Beirut

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