The air strike is canceled, what next?


A few weeks ago the Facebook page “The Syrian revolution against Bashar El Assad 2011” published a photo with the following information: in the 900th day of the revolution against Bashar, 120 thousand martyrs – including 8500 child and 4500 women- 200 thousand missing and arrested, 3.5 million refugees, 6.5 million displaced inside Syria, 750 thousand houses destroyed, 4500 churches and mosques destroyed, a million children without school and a 400% inflation. Today the numbers have changed undoubtedly and in an ascending way.

In the above information, the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime is not included. Which means that those crimes are “forgiven” or ignored, if only the regime does not resort to a “big” hit, according to the western metrics.

Nor has the West has confessed that Assad had used chemical weapons 17 times (according to the British prime minister), 11 times (according to the US foreign minister), and 14 times (according to the French foreign minister). Which means, in other words, that Western Countries are still eluding and dodging from stopping Bashar El Assad, provided he would continue the killing process gradually, “politely” and within “allowed figures”.

It is a farce played by the international community during this 21st century: overlooking the crimes committed by Syria’s regime and its allies for more than two and a half years now. The Syrian Revolution has been begging the international community to intervene to defend the Syrian people. Not with an armed intervention with boots on the ground, but with certain measures that can put a limit to the killing that the regime is still performing with his army and his “shabbiha”.

The Russian ally had worked well on overturning the situation and on changing the equation by putting forward an initiative to save Bashar El Assad and his dictatorial bloodthirsty regime. By proposing the surrender of the Syrian chemical weapons and handing control to the UN (and “Forgive me Father, I have sinned”). Meanwhile, the killing continues on a “routinely” by the Assad army and his “shabbiha” using the full arsenal – land-land missiles, warplanes, and tanks and whatever is in between. Even after the report of the fact-finding committee of the United Nations which investigated the chemical assault in Damascus suburbs, the Russian ally is still trying, by all means, to convince the international community that the Assad regime is innocent and not responsible for the attacks.

Today, the airstrike is “canceled”. And after that Russia – the Legal Agent of Assad regime – has approved the UN resolution for dismantling the Syrian chemical arsenal, the fleets that are still roaming the eastern shores of the Mediterranean are able to move in order to carry out a military strike on Syria in case the work of the Special Committee Organization for the Prohibition of chemical weapons was tumbled. This is an assumption, but it is possible.

I am not writing these lines because I support the Western System that had threatened to carry out an airstrike, and went back to agree on dismantling the Syrian chemical arsenal in agreement with Russia, and today is jubilating for Assad as he if he was a Nobel Prize candidate. But because I feel solidarity with this people that for two and a half years have been losing, per day, between a hundred and two hundred martyrs, without counting the arrested, kidnapped and displaced. I write these lines because “we had enough” in this East, of blood and destruction on one hand vanity and arrogance on the other. The “Arab Spring” that erupted in Beirut in 2005 has given an expanse of hope and breath to the people of the region, signifying that it is possible at the end to live in democracy, stability, safety and prosperity on all levels and that no one has the right to trade with the blood of our peoples, neither a president nor a party nor anyone.

There is one constant today that is undeniable, which is that Bashar El Assad has come to an impasse with no turning back. Today, tomorrow or the day after, Assad and his regime are finished. And it is only a matter of time; the important is to put a quick end because we are full of blood and destruction.

We want life, we love life!

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