Libya PM liberated, country’s deficit attains 50 billion USD


A few hours after revealing the arrest of Libyan prime minister, Mr. Baghdadi al Mahmoudi , and two of his subordinates three days ago, our sources in Tripoli informed Shaffaf that the PM has been liberated but is still being investigated.

According to the same sources, the government of Mr. Mahmoudi has spent the astronomous sum of 140 billion USD on corruption tainted infrastructure projects. “Libya is now a bankrupt country, with a huge current deficit of 50 billion USD”, according to one source.


Libya’s Prime Minister behind bars

Shaffaf Exclusive

The Prime Minister of Libya, Mr. Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi was arrested in Tripoli two days ago.His arrest was kept secret by the Libyan authorities. Have also arrested the governor of the Libyan central bank, Mr. Farhat Ben Qdara and number 2 of the Ministry of Planning, Mr. Ashour Tribil.

Mr. Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi and his accomplices are accused of abuse of public property and mishandling of public funds.

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