Hezbollah’s Training Methods: Brainwash and drugs


With the bloodshed occurring in Syria, Hezbollah decided to help the Syrian regime in the fight against the Free Syrian army. Most of the Hezbollah fighters are in al Qusair “defending the Shiite “.

Wounded and weary, the fighters who are coming back to Lebanon are getting their medical treatments before going for battle again.

“I saw the Mehdi army on white-winged horses helping us in our fight in Qusair” one of them swears on his children’s lives.

“We have held 8 military Israeli officials while there and we are doing everything we can with the help on Mehdi army not to let all the Islamist fundamentalists pouring into Qusair invade Lebanon!”, another one added.
With these statements, one leaves the fighters wondering what drugs they are being given in order to have such a vivid imagination and hallucinations.
This takes us back to the issue of Captagon. This drug is a stimulant for the central nervous system . In small to moderate doses, it causes elevations in heart rate, body temperature, respiration, and blood pressure. In addition, a user initially experiences a dilation of bronchial vessels, extra energy, and appetite suppression. Over the long-term, however, especially if sleep deprivation occurs, and if high doses are being administered, Captagon use can have a number of side effects , including, but not limited to hallucinations.

The drug would help the fighters be tougher and ruthless in their battles, which is exactly what Hezbollah needs. The brainwashing which occurs during their military training will be helped by the administration of severe Captagon doses, or at least enough to manipulate these fighters as they see fit.

 Although in the Islamic religion, drugs are a big sin, Hezbollah has definitely found a way to resolve this issue. While they state that their solution is that these drugs are only to be sold outside Lebanon, there it is now believed that Hezbollah’s production of these drugs is also for the purpose of their military training.

In order to even make their excuse better, they had been manufacturing these drugs in Hezbollah religious seminaries in the city of Baalbek. In the beginning of 2012, security forces busted drug rings in these seminaries.

* Beirut

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