Hezbollah Extends its telecommunications Network to Beirut Center


The Hezbollah militia is extending its fiber optic telecommunications network to Beirut’s downtown area under the nose of Lebanese authorities (see photo). Sources in Beirut speculated Hezbollah could relocate its war rooms to Beirut’s center in case a new war erupted between Lebanon and Israel in the near future.

Extensions to the network have been noticed in the Sanaei area, around the ministry of Interior, in the vicinity of Baidoun Hospital as well as in the downtown touristic area.

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12 years ago

Hezbollah Extends its telecommunications Network to Beirut Center
khaled13:3329 نيسان (أبريل) 2012 –

We should not think negatively to this stance by Hezbollah. The Government had promised over the years, to strengthen the Telecommunications NET, specially the BROADBAND, and never came to light, sure because those in charge officially had not reached to the right DEAL, and the Commission in specific. So Hezbollah would make all these SERVICES available to the Happy Lebanese. Also do not forget that all these Services are FREE of CHARGE.



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