Real change will only come when a clear majority stands up against Iranian occupation of Lebanon


(A phone conversation between French president and Iran’s « unelected » president provided the green light for the formation of a new government headed by Mr. Najib Mikati!)


In a new communiqué after its Monday, September 27 meeting, « Likaa Saydet al-Jabal », an offshoot of the historical March 14 forces and an active national and multi-confessional front, noted with dismay that political parties were preparing for the coming parliamentary elections as if Lebanon was still a free and independent state, governed by constitutional and legal texts and in accordance with international resolutions- an illusion belied by the fact that the country is, currently, governed by an illegal armed militia, Hezbollah, and is subject to a hardly disguised Iranian occupation.

“Hezbollah”, which has abolished Lebanon’s borders with Syria in favor of illegal « contraband » operations and made open threats against the judiciary, is now attempting to complete its putsch against  the  foundations of the republic, by targeting the parliamentary elections process. Anticipating unfavorable results, the head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc threatened voters  that they will not be able to change the so-called « equation » that is imposed by Iran’s proxy and armed party . At the same time, some political forces are alluding to the possibility of torpedoing the participation of expatriates in the parliamentary elections – if they take place!-  while other parties support the election of six MPs by the expatriates, and, still,  others reject this  expatriate voting process altogether.

Accordingly, the  »Likaa » affirms that real change will come only when the Lebanese actively endorse the need to lift the Iranian occupation of Lebanon.  Undermining the foundations of this occupation is a prerequisite  for the rise of Lebanon.
This can only be achieved through the resignation of the President of the Republic, who violated his oath and provided the occupier with a constitutional cover, as well as  the resignation of the Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament who are all colluding with Hezbollah to implement the agenda of the Iranian occupation.

Eine wirkliche Änderung geschieht erst, wenn eine klare Mehrheit gegen die iranische Besatzung aufsteht.

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