Confidential : Presumed new al Qaida leader in Afghanistan is same Sheikh Saiid al Masri of Khartoum


According to exclusive Metransparent information, the man presented by « al Jazeera » channel (under the pseudonym « Mustpha Abu al Yazeed ») as the new leader of al-Qaida in Afghanistan is in fact the same Shekh Saiid al Masri (« the Egyptian ») who used to be the financial controller of Osama bin Laden’s financial company in Khartoum in early 90s.

US investigations had mentioned Sheikh Saiid al Masri, but it seems the Americans never understood his real importance. Ex al Qaida members repeatedly mentioned him in testimonies at US Law courts.

Our sources indicate he had been in Pakistan’s frontier areas for a number of years. It is almost certain that his presence was distinctly known to Pakistan’s ISI.

Sheikh Saiid, according to our sources, carries the « Egyptian Jihad » ideology but is not a « military ». It is not even certain that he had been a member of the « Jihad » group.

Rather, he is reputed to be a « Mr Nice Man » who enjoys good relations with different and antagonistic Islamic terrorist groups. His role could be that of a « federator ». It is not clear why a man of “finance” was given the task of speaker in this new al Qaida tape.

Finally, our sources claim Sheikh Saiid never referred to himself as the new al Qaida leader in Afghanistan ! They claim this was a « title » bestowed upon him by al Jazeera itself !

Pierre Akel

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