Attempted Assassinations of Lebanon Presidential Candidates


On April 4, 2012, Lebanese forces Leader Samir Geagea escaped an assassination attempt when shots were fired at his residence in Maarab. Investigations are ongoing regarding those behind it.

On july 5, 2012, MP Boutros Harb escaped an assassination attempt when two detonators were found on top of the elevator in his office building.

On September 22, Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun, presumably, was target of an assassination attempt when a bullet was shot into one of the cars of a decoy convoy.
The common ground between the three survivors is that they are all potential presidential candidates.

Samir Geagea is the most probable Presidential candidate after the fall of the Syrian regime since he is the only Christian leader who has proved his ability to be loved by the Muslim Arab societies… or most of them.

Boutros Harb is considered as a consensus candidate having the qualities of a president.

Michel Aoun, regardless whether there was an attempted assassination or not, is considered the perfect candidate for the Syrians if the Regime does not fall.

The question which poses itself is who has an interest in assassinating these candidates? Is it a military figure eyeing the presidency? Is it a civilian candidate? Or perhaps it is a certain regime who has no interest in having a President in Lebanon?


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11 years ago

Attempted Assassinations of Lebanon Presidential Candidates
Everybody knows that the attempt against Aoun is a fabricated one. Nobody wants this guy as president! He is mentally challenged! We all saw that during his bloody mandate in the late 80s!


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