Al-Mu’tasim al-Gaddafi arrested, mutilated and probably castrated


MEtransparent Exclusive

by Pierre Akel

Credible libyan sources confirmed to Metransparent that Al-Mu’tasim-Billah al-Gaddafi had in fact been arrested in Syrte four days ago, as reported by news agencies including Reuters.

The news of his arrest had been confirmed by three members of Libya’s Transitional Council. Yet, later, the head of the council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, denied any knowledge of the arrest of Al-Mu’tasim-Billah al-Gaddafi.

What did really happen?

Metransparent sources confirm that Al-Mu’tasim-Billah al-Gaddafi had, in fact, been arrested four days ago. He has been subject to severe beatings and torture, and has been mutilated.

It is possible that Al-Mu’tasim-Billah al-Gaddafi has been castrated.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil had denied any knowledge of Al-Mu’tasim-Billah al-Gaddafi to shirk his responsibility in the inhuman treatment inflicted upon the son of Muammar Gaddafi.

Amnesty International had, recently, criticized the rebel forces for human rights abuses.

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