Ahmad Massoud arrives in Tehran to talk with Afghan leader


Ahmad Massoud, the leader of anti-Taliban resistance front, has reportedly travelled to Iran to discuss latest developments with prominent Afghan mobilisation forces leader Ismail Khan, Raha Press reported.


Among other issues, Massoud reached Iran to pass the message of Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon to Ismail Khan for setting up an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

Ismail Khan, a prominent Afghan leader of mobilisation forces in western Herat province who fought against Taliban fighters before the collapse of the Afghan government, is now in Mashhad city in Iran.

Khan was once captured by the Taliban forces in Afghanistan and soon released only to enter Iran then, the report said.

Tension has been increased between Tajikistan and Taliban.

“We observe with concern the growing tensions in Tajik-Afghan relations against the background of mutually harsh statements by the leaders of the two countries. Reports have appeared about the deployment of armed forces by both sides to the common border. According to information from the Taliban, tens of thousands of special forces units have been deployed in the bordering [northern]Afghan province Takhar alone,” said Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexei Zaytsev.


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