On eve of elections: Appeal of National Council to End Iran Occupation of Lebanon


The “National Council to End the Iranian Occupation of Lebanon” issued the following appeal on the occasion of the coming parliamentary elections on May 15:



Lebanese women and men,

Today, Lebanon is going through the most dangerous stage in its history, and relies more than ever on your patriotism, and courage.

Tomorrow, when you vote, vote for the sovereignty of Lebanon, vote for the liberation of your country, because the Occupation that shields itself with Lebanese citizens prevents economic recovery and Lebanon’s return to its natural environment and place among the Arabs and in the world community.

Do not give your voice to people you do not trust but to those who reject the disguised occupation of Lebanon. Do not allow the nations of the world, East and West, to hold us responsible for electing representatives of the Lebanese people who sympathize with the Occupier, undermine the state and national coexistence, thus making it easier to finalize the Occupier’s full control of our country.

The parliamentary elections will be one stage on a long path to liberation, so do not allow the Occupier to exploit them for its own benefit and to increase the burdens on our country and our people, including on every family and citizen.

Wherever you are, to whatever religion and community you belong, and whatever your political affiliation, elect independents and true believers in the restoration of sovereignty; vote for  competent candidates who will not betray your trust and are not afraid to struggle to lift the occupation that is paralyzing our country.

Do not allow the Occupation to pretend that you accept its existence, its policies, strategies, decisions, and its militias that have turned Lebanon into a puppet state that is manipulated by puppets who are appointed and installed by the Occupier and its agents.

Lebanese women and men.

Our stand will remain the same, on the 15th of May and thereafter, whatever the election results.

This is a promise from Lebanese who have remained loyal to their country, and who are ready for any sacrifice, as previous generations have done, so that Lebanon remains, and so that our children can live in their country, build a generous life in it, a free, just and prosperous country.

We shall remain together. Let your votes be the declaration of a determined will until the end of the Occupation.

This Occupation will disappear like all those that preceded it, and Lebanon will prevail.


Translation for Shaffaf by Toufic.G.“


نداء: صوّتوا لتحرير لبنان، انتخبوا إستقلاليين سياديين

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