U.S. Views of China Increasingly Negative Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

  1. The increase in the share naming the U.S. is due to the significant decrease in the share who name Japan (3%, down from 7% in 2019) and the concurrent slight – though statistically insignificant – shifts in the percentages who name China (30%, down from 32%) and the European Union countries (4%, down from 6%). 
  2. While concerns about the global economy increased during the month of March while the survey was in the field, there were no significant changes in perceptions of which economy is the world’s strongest over the same period. 
  3. In 2016, Republicans and Democrats were equally likely to see the U.S. as the top military power but they differed with regard to Russia. Then, Republicans were more likely to name Russia as the top military power (14%) than Democrats (6%). 

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