The Words of the Deep Source Match-Fixers


I did not publish them as I did not want to jeopardize the investigation, but now here are a few pages.


  •  They show that the full extent of the syndicate has not yet been revealed.
  •  The organization is operating across Europe and has strong connections into the Asian betting market.
  • There are higher level tennis players who were involved with the fixing.
  • They begin to speak about use of false accounts set up with legitimate ID and also regular gambling accounts being taken over by the fixers.
  •   The use of Skrill and other financial ways of transferring money for the fixing.

Note also that this is only a couple of pages of information about one match-fixing syndicate. The deep sources and their documents speak about a number of other match-fixing gangs. I am not publishing any of this information, in case, law enforcement decides to move against them.


In this document I will reveal information concerning a few syndicates and individuals operating in Europe. Their most prominent violations with which I am acquainted are: match – fixing – organizing and facilitating, identity thefts with the means of creating online banking accounts and sport bookmakers accounts, corruption in corporate organizations – banks, online wallets and pressuring bookmakers employees. I present the people in question in sections and I will note connections between the syndicates.


The tennis fixers – “Armenian organization”

This organization has been running for at least 3 years and are involved in hundreds (no less than 300) of fixed ITF, ATP challenger manipulated events every year.

  • More than 40 players involved in manipulated matches – most of the players I know and I have additional information on how things went to get them “on board”-
  • Syndicate is scattered all across Europe – Bulgaria, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium and other countries.
  • Thousands of identity thefts, intimidation, corrupting bank employees and money laundering are just a few of the offences (sic) that go along with their match manipulations.
  • Deep relations in the fixing ring – some of them are owning football clubs and others have influence over other sports’ teams.
  • Intricate way of spotting players that have had manipulated their matches in the past so they can recruit them. If normal methods don’t work they are not shy of violence.


Some of the members:

  • X.P. – from all the conversations that I had with other members in the organization and according his own words he is on the top of the syndicate although he is hiding it.
  • Z.Z. – facilitator and he works with X.P.. His connection to Asian betting markets where they can bet much bigger money and use their higher profile players. Z.Z. is connected to MANY SYNDICATES – he provides limits accounts, Asia betting connections, corrupted sport teams, he himself is fixing sport events in Bulgaria – Pirin FC, Sozopol FC and other football teams. He has huge connections in Bulgarian basketball. If Europol is interested in getting few organizations at once, they should work on Z.Z. – it will reveal more than you can ever wish.
  • D.J. – a facilitator – helps with betting accounts and information about possible players that can be recruited.
  • There are more people involved in this organization and I know of but I believe this should be done in person. The name Piloti was mentioned quite a few times by X.P.


Players’ profiles:

Mostly low level players, with some connections with higher level players which they try to keep secretly so they don’t risk getting exposed. The organization also use players from their organization to help them recruit fresh ones.

A scenario of account creation, betting and corrupting a tennis player:

It all starts with making sure that they have all of the accounts and means to be able to bet on the fixed event.

1. Photos of people’s ID are gathered. Done by a third source – people get paid to provide photos of their ID, alternative ID and Selfies with the ID
2. Email, Skrill and betting account are created. For the Skrill account the organization is using a corrupted Paysafe employee in order to get the documents verified.
3. Before the corrupted event, syndicates members are scattered across betting shops around Europe (predominantly Italy). They are waiting for a signal and information from X.P on what to bet.



There is more, much more… About several other match-fixing gangs across Europe working in football, tennis, basketball and a number of other sports.  Sigh. Welcome to sport in the 21st Century…


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