The EU’s Libya sanctions list: 26 names


Brussels – The 26 Libyan regime figures hit by European Union sanctions, as published on Thursday:

1. Moamer Gaddafi, Libyan leader

2. Safiah Farkash al-Barassi, Gaddafi’s wife

3. Aisha Gaddafi, Gaddafi’s daughter

Gaddafi’s sons:

4. Hannibal Gaddafi

5. Khamis Gaddafi

6. Mutassim Gaddafi

7. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

8. Mohamed Gaddafi

9. Saadi Gaddafi

10. Saif al-Arab Gaddafi

Gaddafi’s relatives:

11. Abu Shaariya, brother-in-law, deputy head of foreign intelligence

12. Abdullah al-Senussi, brother-in-law, head of military intelligence

13. Ahmed Mohamed Gadhaf al-Dam, cousin 14. Said Mohamed Gadhaf al-Dam, cousin

Regime figures:

15. Masoud Abdulhafiz, armed forces commander

16. Abdussalam Mohamed Abdussalam, head of counter-terrorism

17. al-Barrani Ashkal, deputy head, military intelligence

18. Omar Ashkal, head of Revolutionary Committees

19. Abdulqader al-Baghdadi, top official in Revolutionary Committees

20. Abdulqader Dibri, head of Gaddafi’s personal security

21. Abu Zaid Umar Dorda, head of foreign intelligence

22. Abu Bakr Younis Jabir, defence minister

23. Matuq Mohamed Matuq, secretary for utilities

24. Bachir Saleh, Gaddafi’s chief of staff

25. Khaled Tohami, head of internal security

26. Mohamed Boucharya Farkash, intelligence official

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