“Shaffaf” blocked again by regime censorship: to your “proxies”, O free people of Syria!

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When he left Syria, after the 1911 uprising , my late friend, the talented writer and screenwriter “Hakam al-Baba,” told me that people in Damascus, for only one dollar, were buying “CD”s filled with “proxies” to access the blocked “Middle East Transparent” (Shaffaf, in Arabic) website!


This week,  we could only guess why Syria’s bloody dictator, a figure of the (fake) “Resistance” and a friend of Putin, Nasrallah and Ali Khamenei, deigned to block “Shaffaf” once more!

Is it because of “Shaffaf’s” interest in the Suwayda and the Druze mountain uprising?

Or is it not desirable to tell the truth about the regime’s “Captagon” industry?

In any case, “Middle East Transparent”  will not change, and the Assad regime is inevitably on the verge of collapse.

Mao Zedong was wrong:  freedom does not come out of the barrel of a gun. It comes out of the barrel of a..”proxy”!

To your “proxies”, O free people of Syria!

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