Pope Francis: no audience for the president of Iraq


This post is also available in: العربية Français


Rome/Shaffaf–     In Rome to attend the World Food Forum, Iraq’s President Abdul Latif Rashid  reiterated his request, declined six months earlier, for a meeting with Pope Francis.  His renewed request was declined however, prompting him to return to Baghdad rather disappointed.


The Vatican’s disapproving position was linked to President Rashid’s decision “withdrawing” a republican decree concerning the Chaldean Church of Iraq, thus forcing the Chaldean patriarch to move his headquarters to from Baghdad to “Erbil” in Kurdistan, while waiting for things to return to normal.

It was notable that, while declining to meet President Rashid,  Pope Francis accorded “a special meeting” to the Chaldean Patriarch,  Louis Sacco, who had taken part in the Church Synod 2023!


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