“Parliamentary elections: Towards resistance against occupation”


At a moment when big powers’ interests converge with those of regional « expansionist » powers at the expense of several countries, including Lebanon, “Saydet al Jabal” Gathering is surprised by the drift of political parties behind the illusion of democratic parliamentary elections.


The Gathering stresses that the coming elections are of questionable democratic nature as they shall take place under Iranian occupation. Iranian hegemony over Lebanon was clearly evidenced during the recent visit to Lebanon of Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hussein Amir Abdollahian.

The planned parliamentary elections are questionable politically and legally as long as Lebanon remains under Iranian occupation, isolated from its Arab environment, and its authorities are prohibited from implementing the UN Resolutions 1559, 1680, and 1701 that guarantee the independence of the Republic and the sovereignty of its constitutional, military and security institutions over all Lebanese territories.

It has always been our position to respect constitutional deadlines, including parliamentary elections, but the reality of Lebanon under occupation requires from all political forces that they put any step or decision they take in the perspective of forming a comprehensive national democratic resistance against the occupation.

At “Saydet al Jabal”, 

the sovereignty of the Lebanese state and the freedom of the Lebanese people have always been our highest political priority. 

Now more than ever.

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