Lebanese Group Condemns Khamenei’s Comment To Expand Influence In Country


A large group of Lebanese politicians have slammed claims by Iran’s Supreme Leader who said recently that Tehran’s the influence in Lebanon must be expanded.


The National Council for the Ending Iranian Occupation says such remarks are a clear sign of Islamic Republic’s intervention in Lebanon.

On Saturday, Khamenei once again called Lebanon a territory in Iran’s orbit, saying the active policy of the Islamic Republic in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq has led to the failure of “US plots” in these countries.

The Lebanese government has not yet reacted to these statements. However, The National Council for the Ending Iranian Occupation in a press conference said that the Lebanese presidential election is being controlled by Iran.

“After seven unsuccessful attempts to elect the president, the signs of fatigue are visible on your faces. The reason for this failure is that Lebanon is occupied by Iran,” added the statement.

According to the Lebanese media, the “Axis of Resistance” is one of how Iran is expanding its strategic influence in the region.

The term Axis of Resistance refers to an anti-Western, anti-Israeli and anti-Saudi political and informal military alliance between Iran, Palestinian militant groups, the Syrian government and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

The National Council for the Ending Iranian Occupation was officially launched in January to break free from Hezbollah’s armed hegemony over the country that has always been a threat to Lebanese sovereignty.



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