Beirut’s Dahieh under Pasdaran heavy hand: investigations into alleged spy ring sparing no one


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Whoever enters Beirut’s “Dahieh” during the day cannot but notice Hezbollah’s discreet security presence. By nightime, the discreet alert emerges to become a public armed appearance, with gunmen and security barriers posted on every entrance and junction in the area. This also comes with a non-subsiding movement of four-wheeled vehicles patrolling all of Dahieh’s streets and neighborhoods.

Regardless of the consequences of the controversialRuwais“explosion, Dahieh residents assure that, though accustomed to the “military” aspects of life here, the discovery of the last alleged “spy ring” has turned the area into a roaming military site. Hezbullah militia has expanded its presence. and started to appear in combat suits and weapons. The state of high alert is in effect everywhere.

Insiders believe that ever since the discovery of the alleged “spies”, Hezbollah has been suffering a crisis in all directions. On the security front, Hezbollah is racing against time to change the communications network, which had cost a lot of money; it is currently working on dismantling and rebuilding it. Hezbollah is also reviewing its military plans and programs, and relocating its arms depots. In short, Hezbollah is “resetting” all plans from scratch; a necessary and crucial step, since some members of alleged the “spy ring” were had supervised the recent extension of the communications network; others were in charge of the security of Hezbollah’s high command, in addition to direct supervision on the security of communications between military bases and leaders of the Jihad Council.

The “reset” hampered by Iran’s financial problems

Financially, Hezbollah seems in a state of severe confusion. In addition to the mandatory “reset” and the need for immediate and rapid action in order to reassemble its military and security organs, Hezbollah is missing the financial liquidity required to cover the costs of relocation and transfer of equipment and to implement alternative plans. The Islamic Republic of Iran, itself weary of international sanctions and upset with Hizbullah’s security laps, is unable to bridge the gap and to inject the needed additional funds.

Sources claim Iranian officials are upset, or even openly angry at Hassan Nasrallah, blaming him for the large number of “agents” in the ranks of his party. Nasrallah may have been questioned and reprimanded for this “serious strategic and ideological error” by Pasdaran commanders who made the trip to Beirut.

Iranians take over

A senior Hizbullah security official was quoted as saying that Iranians are now wondering about the point for financing a party where so many of the members are “Western intelligence agents” .

On the military front, rumour has it that 200 of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have secretly replaced Lebanese Hezbollah commanders in the Bekaa Valley, and have taken the task of transferring military and missile bases and arms depots to new locations which shall remain under their direct supervision.

In consequence, and for both strategic and geographic reasons, Hezbollah’s military grip has logistically slackened in south Lebanon, while it is being strengthened in areas of the Bekaa valley.

Raids and Arrests in Dahyeh

Despite the apparent calm that followed Nasrallah’s announcement on the discovery of an alleged spy ring, sources say raids and arrests are in full swing in Beirut’s Dahieh. Arbitrary arrests are occurring on a daily basis, and random citizens are being questioned.

Significantly, investigations did not exclude Hizbullah’s highest dignitaries, including its ulemas.

It has been confirmed that Hezbollah has detained all the subordinates of Mohammed Atwi and Mohammed al Hajj, who were arrested on charges of espionage. Iranian investigators are taking part in the interrogations.


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