After October 7th, people expected an uprising of Arab-Israelis. The exact opposite happened!


In the first days after the Hamas attack on October 7th, I heard the same opinion from an Arab Israeli friend living in Jerusalem.

I immediately called an Palestinian PLO cadre (and friend) who lives in South Lebanon. “Is it true that Arab Israelis showed no solidarity with the Hamas attack?’, I asked. “Absolutely”, he answered!

Pierre Akel


Yuval Noah Harari

“Among the victims have seen a significant number of Muslims who were murdered by Hamas, like an ambulance driver, who tried to rescue people.

Lots of people feared, after October 7th, that we will see an uprising of Arab-Israelis against the Israeli state. The exact opposite happened. Instead, we saw Arab-Israelis volunteering and helping displaced communities, in hospitals, and in so many other places.”

Listen to this conversation with Sam Harris, titled ‘Gaza & Global Order’, on the

podcast (recorded on November 14):

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