Last Battle for Independence


The Iranian occupation of Lebanon will recede and disappear, no doubt, and Lebanon will regain its independence and sovereignty over all its territories. Lebanon’s predicament has lasted more than half a century of continuous foreign occupations, starting with the Palestinian, then Israeli and Syrian, and lastly and currently the Iranian.



The Iranian occupation of Lebanon uses the local militia Hezbollah, which emanates from and obeys the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, but with Lebanese members. Hezbollah has publicly, and in its writings, admitted its complete religious, ideological, political and military subservience to Iran’s regime of Wilayat El Faqih. It has also publicly acknowledged its full arming and financing by Iran’s regime. The official name of Hezbollah, “The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon”, confirms its nature and orientation. It is not national but “Islamic”, and it is not Lebanese but “in Lebanon”.

Hezbollah controls Lebanon’s foreign, military and security policies, or at least holds a veto power over them. It has disseminated military equipment and rockets over Lebanon’s mountains and throughout its territory. For several years, it has also been participating, unimpeded, in wars in Syria and other Arab countries. Hezbollah is the creation of Iran, and it implements its policies serving its expansionary strategy in the region. The Lebanese people pay for these policies with their blood and future, and with a strong wave of emigration that will likely change the demographic composition of Lebanon, which may be an objective of the Occupation.

One issue or question confronts us: How to resist and get rid of Iranian occupation through Hezbollah?

In history, no occupation has been eliminated through dialogue, and the violence of occupation can only be met with violence. Our Lebanese problem is that the ranks of Hezbollah are Lebanese, mostly all Shia as the Party itself and Iran, and a violent confrontation would likely lead to a destructive civil war that nobody wants.

The following temporary solution may be the only effective and viable option: The gradual establishment of “liberated Lebanese areas”. A liberated area is any area in Lebanon that is free of Hezbollah’s political or military presence; it would continue to be subject to Lebanese laws and to the presence of only the legal military forces. It is open to any Lebanese, including those sympathetic to Hezbollah, as free speech is a legal constitutional right for all.

A liberated area is a “normal” area in the sense of its being subjected only to the country’s laws and to its legal administration and military forces, without any illegal security or military presence, as is the case in all “normal” countries in the world. Liberated areas may first be limited in number and space. However, these will increase through resistance to Occupation and the natural attraction of life in liberated areas. Liberating occupied areas means that Lebanon as a sovereign country will persevere, which will reduce the emigration of its young and talented, and will represent a living and effective resistance to Occupation.

We, as Lebanese, have no other option but to live in a free and democratic country. Lebanon needs much reform but only through the free will of its sons and daughters, which can only happen after liberation. Our resistance to Occupation is alive and enduring, whatever our numbers or the circumstances. It is the last battle for independence, and victory will create new horizons and a new Lebanon. And we shall prevail.

We, the Lebanese Resistance.


Original Appeal in Arabic:

معركة الاستقلال الأخيرة!

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