Janah Arms depot:  Hezbollah’s financers Live There!


Sources in Beirut tell METransparent that the Janah area, near Beirut, where PM Netanyahu had claimed, at his UN speech on September 29, that Hezbollah had a secret arms factory is, in fact, a residential area for « the 1500 richest Shiites » who finance Hezbollah. Those very rich Shiite businessman, mostly active in Africa,  are now in trouble. Along with ordinary Lebanese citizens, they cannot reach their frozen accounts in Lebanese banks; but, even more, , they have problems to put their fortunes in foreign banks-  because of U.S. sanctions.

That is why Hezbollah felt obliged to invite press correspondents to visit and verify that no missiles were hidden under the Janah luxurious residential buildings.

Even if no missile were found, Hezbollah is still looking for the « origin » of PM Netanyahu’s precise information.

But, that is a different kind of problem.

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